At an All-School Meeting, the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Graders shared their work on their city. Here is the text they wrote and presented, every student speaking in turn. 

For the last two months in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade we have been building a city. We separated into teams and picked the main attraction for each of our neighborhoods. Our neighborhoods include the Luxury Resort, Nature Center, Mountain and Cabins, Farm, Green Power Service, Airport, and the Zoo and Park. Throughout the city building process we used the scale of 1 inch equals 10 linear feet, and 1 square inch equals 100 square feet.

First we designed the landcape on white foam boards. Our landscape includes rivers, hills, an ocean, and a mountain. Next, we designed the layout of our roads measuring out their length and width, and also made sure all roads connected with one another. We then worked on the design of the buildings in our neighborhoods. To determine the size of the buildings, we had to take into consideration what the buildings were going to be used for.

During our math time we had many tasks to complete, including measuring square footage, exploring airport ticket costs, materials costs, comparing produce at neighboring farms and so much more. During writing we wrote persuasive letters to the city mayor, sharing arguments for or against particular laws that should be passed, including a debate that will be held later today concerning the proposed leash law.  During Investigations, we looked at materials and different building facades, we learned about electricity, the flow of water, green power and, of course, the construction of our very own city.


We are now going to share a little about each of our neighborhoods:

Group 1:

We have designed a neighborhood called GPS, Green Power Service. We focused on environmental health, and we are the neighborhood that creates and delivers green power for the whole city. We have a large STEAM school called Birches School #2. We also have many houses, a public library, local inn, restaurant, and mall for the tourists and residents of our neighborhood.

Group 2:

We have designed a luxury resort neighborhood that will attract many tourists and residents. Our neighborhood has 3 condos for residents, 3 resorts for tourists and visitors, and 3 sparkling pools to be used by everyone. We are located on the beach, which will allow people to go swimming, surfing, and build sand castles. Also, we have a nice, little lake which people can use for canoeing, kayaking, and fishing.

Group 3:

In our neighborhood we have 18 year-round cabins that can be used by residents and tourists.  Our cabins are located next to the river and mountain, which will attract many hikers to our neighborhood. Halfway up the mountain is a cafe where hikers can grab a bite to eat before continuing to the top. We also have a kayak rental store where people can rent kayaks and canoes to use on the river. Lastly, there is a dog park, camp store, food shop, and a ranger station.

Group 4:

Our neighborhood is located on the beach, which has beautiful views, sand as soft as silk, and a playground with monkey bars and a slide for the children to play on. The main attraction in our neighborhood is the Nature Center, which allows residents and tourists to observe and examine many different objects, animals, and plants that were found on our beach and in the ocean. In addition, there are six houses for residents, as well as a large school and athletic field for children in our neighborhood and others.

Group 5:

Lastly, we also have a bakery, a restaurant, a pet shop, a toy shop, a clothing shop and a market to be used by everyone. We designed a neighborhood that includes a large farm which supplies much of the produce that is sold in our city. On our farm we have chickens, cows, and various crops. There is also a greenhouse so we can grow crops and plants year-round. Our neighborhood has 11 single-family houses for residents, an elementary school, and public library. In addition, there is a clothes store, Trader Joes, Whole Foods, and a restaurant where tourists and residents can eat and shop.

Group 6:

In our neighborhood we designed a large park and zoo that is open to residents and tourists. There is also a chocolate factory that produces the candies and chocolates that are sold in our neighborhood’s candy store. To save space we chose to build an apartment building that will house many residents in our neighborhood. There is also a Whole Foods store where residents and tourists can purchase organic groceries. Lastly, there is an animal adoption center where people can adopt a dog or cat.

Group 7:

We worked on the airport. In the airport there is a terminal, a fuel station, maintenance hangar and the control tower. There is a long runway with arrows directing where the planes take off and land. We also have lights that light up the sides of the runway so the airplanes won’t crash off the runway when it’s dark."