MIT Engineer Grace Young Visits Birches

Grace Young, an MIT senior whose award of a Marshall Fellowship was announced this morning, visited Birches School this afternoon. She met with all the students (in small groups) and told them about her work as a mechanical and ocean engineer. Next April she will participate in Mission 31, living in an underwater house (the size of a yellow school bus) with five other scientists, scuba diving five to seven hours a day, performing experiments. Grace, who has a passion for robotics, will manage the marine robots on this mission in which she was invited to participate by Fabien Cousteau, the grandson of famous oceanographer Jacques Cousteau. The mission is called "Mission 31," because the team plans to live for 31 days underwater, breaking the record of 30 days set by the elder Cousteau. Grace will be SKYPEing with K-12 classrooms around the world, including Birches! For further information about this remarkable young engineer, please read: