An Adventure with Jane Marsching

We had a wonderful adventure with artist Jane Marsching today. We met Jane at the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum in Lincoln where she showed us her field station installation for citizen scientists (like us). We listened attentively while Jane (in the middle of this picture) talked about gathering information from the natural world through observation and through making such things as pictures and maps. Then we took a nature hike from the deCordova back to Birches, observing the leaf-out drama in trees around us (we saw four different stages of leaf-out on one tree alone). We picked up bits of nature that lay on our path back to school. Then we made artworks incorporating our finds, using a lovely brownish ink that Jane had made from walnuts!

Here, a Birches student shows Jane a card he made, using the walnut ink to outline spaces in which he will paste his treasures--bits of birch bark, leaves, acorn tops, and so on. Jane will move her field station around the deCordova grounds every month through the summer. Please go meet her at the museum. It's lots of fun to talk with her. She's a wonderful teacher!