Our Underwater Research House


Since school began in January, students have been consructing an underwater research house in block area. Inspired by Grace Young's Mission 31 house (see blog posting below for Dec. 3, 2013), the 2nd and 3rd Graders worked in math class to create a scaled model of a 24 x 8 x 7 foot underwater research house. They explored the area, perimeter, and volume by measuring out blocks and counting the square units. In the structure they included a bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom, complete with windows, curtains and bedding. The 1st Graders designed a detached lab and helped with the labels. The Kindergartners also helped with labeling and created a blue cellophane ocean. Not long after starting the structure, one student asked about electricity. This led us into an entirely new discovery of circuits, light bulbs, batteries, and wires. The building has working lights and our students couldn’t be more proud!