An Archaeologist Visits Birches!


Two Birches grandparents were walking through the woods near Lincoln and met an archaeologist doing research. They invited her to Birches and she came! Meg Watters treated us to an earth-shaking presentation on something we had never heard of before: Archaeo-Geophysical Visualization. Who knew you could see underground without even lifting a shovel? Meg taught us about Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and 3D non-invasive modeling techniques for mapping archaeological sites without disturbing the landscape. We learned about archaeologists using electromagnetic radio waves and other remote sensing techniques that enable them to carefully map underground before they begin to dig. Meg told us stories and showed us photographs of her research from sites all over the world, including the Mediterranean, Morocco, Egypt, Sudan, the UK, Spain, Peru, Mexico, and the USA. She is currently working on a site at the border of Lexington and Lincoln at the Minute Man National Historical Park. To learn more about Meg and Time Team America, check out