Poetic Inspiration All Around!

Since March, Birches students have been studying poetry. We have been reading poems from a range of poets, even other elementary age children, while also learning about verse, rhythm, rhyme and imagery. The students have loved writing their own poems about nature, animals, and things they like to do. Recently, the Kindergartners and First Graders have been working on using descriptive language and imagery in their writing. Excited by the sunny, warm day yesterday, we took a trip outside to use our senses to describe the world around us. Teachers asked students to describe things like the sky, mud, or trees using poetic language. "Mud is squishy!" exclaimed one child. "It's like chocolate ice cream!" chimed another. When asked about a nearby tree, one commented that it "looks like an old man" while another thought it seemed "like arms reaching out to grab you!" Their comments became increasingly interesting and descriptive as we observed, touched, listened, and talked about our surroundings as a class.

Teachers recorded the students' words and typed them up. Today, we printed out the words and phrases and cut them into strips. In mixed-age groups of two to three, the students were able to create poems by moving the lines around, reading and re-reading their compositions and then shifting, removing, or adding new phrases to their poems. The teams did a great job collaborating and creating interesting poems from the whole group's words. Here, two Kindergartners and a First Grader work with a teacher to rearrange and reread their poem "Dog" several different ways. Their finished poem appears below!


running, barking
playing, jumping
like a lightning bolt
ran me over
laughing, smiling
time to go home!