Louisa's Blog!

For the past month, Birches teachers and students have had the pleasure of working with Louisa, a high school senior from the Winsor School in Boston. Louisa is passionate about both art history and elementary education and has been working at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston with Elizabeth and also at Birches for her Independent Learning Experience (the culminating project for all Winsor seniors). Louisa has been designing a Boston Museum tour for children focusing on art in the "Year One" in early imperial Rome and the Han dynasty in China. These two empires bookended the Silk Road at the beginning of the Common Era and provide rich visual material related to Silk Road studies. 

Louisa has also been spending time at Birches, learning about teaching and working with students in the classroom.  She has been blogging about her experiences on her personal blog. Below is an excerpt from her recent post, "The Haven," about our trip last Friday to visit the new "Haven" sculptures at the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum: 

"As I ate my lunch on the Birches playground with the students and listened to them eagerly chatting and giggling as birds sang and swooped around in the background, I reflected on how Birches is a type of haven too -- a haven for learning, curiosity, and joy."

Her words are heartwarming and inspiring. Teachers and students alike have been very fortunate to have Louisa at school. Check out her latest entries for a delightfully fresh glimpse into Birches life during the last few weeks!