Last Day of School 2014!

Last week the students made tie-dyed shirts which they wore on the final day of school (June 18). Then the children, divided into three groups, tested the egg drop structures that they had designed and built. All the eggs survived the two-story drop!
We ended the day Skyping with Grace Young, MIT Ocean Engineer and Mission 31 Aquanaut, who is now living and conducting research 60 feet under the water off the coast of Florida. Meeting Grace last December 3 inspired several months of ocean research, discussed in earlier blog posts. The 2nd and 3rd Graders published a magazine entitled Ocean Life and the Kindergartners and 1st Graders published two booklets on the coral reefs. 
While we spoke with Grace, we watched fish, including barracudas, swimming playfully outside the viewport of her habitat. We found out that she had eaten freeze-dried scrambled eggs for breakfast and that she was scuba-diving about five to six hours a day doing research. Grace is keeping a fascinating blog at:
Please visit her blog and you will find several entries about Birches.
Have a wonderful summer. See you again on September 2!