Native American Village Map

It’s hard to miss the giant canvas map that’s been unrolled on our meeting space many mornings these past few weeks. The 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Graders have been working tirelessly on their Native American village map. They have had many meetings to vote/agree on the locations of their water source, hunting grounds, woodlands, fields, wigwams, mountains, streams, rivers, etc. Each place was discussed, voted on and assigned a location. The mountains had to be near the lake, because the run off from the mountains filled the lake. The river runs east, heading to the ocean. Our village had to be within walking distance of the water so that it was easy to get water for food, drinking, and washing. The children then worked in small groups to paint the background and collage the woods. They are now beginning to lay out their wigwams. As our math congress evolves, we know many other things will find their places within the map, such as fishing weirs and crops.