Back in School after Five Snow Days!

How wonderful to be back in school after five snow days! The Kinders and 1st Graders not only came back to Birches--they slipped back in time to the Middle Ages. This is the story of their last few days:

"Once upon a time in the land of Lincolnshire, 13 hardworking pages spent their days working on their castle. After sanding and painting, the castle walls came up. Turrets were added and a portcullis sealed off the drawbridge.

Over the next days, the pages worked at designing and engineering catapults and then tested them out for math games. They read numerous versions of the Cinderella story, comparing and contrasting characters, plot twists and endings. They then started preliminary planning for their own fairy tale stories which they will write in the weeks to come.

By the end of the busy (though short) week, Sir Arithmetic declared that the entire class had moved from being pages to being squires! They are well on their way to knighthood now, with more responsibilities and tasks to complete. Lady Kate and Lady Florentien are very proud of them!"