"Real" Knights, Wooden Shields, and 100th-Day Celebrations

After studying knights for several weeks, the K-1 class had a fascinating visit from a “real” knight who takes part in medieval reenactments. Sir John showed us how he puts on his armor (with help!) and taught us the names of the pieces of armor. He also demonstrated different combat techniques and showed us how limber he is in a full suit of jointed armor. It was quite spectacular to see what we’ve been studying come alive. 

This week the K-1 students were also given wooden shields (cut by Master Woodworkers Lady Kate & Lady Florentien). They sanded down the edges and learned what the colors, animals, and lines on knights' shields represent. Now they will create their own designs and paint their personal shields.

We also celebrated our 100th Day of School with a pajama party and 100-themed activities. We spent the day counting to 100, reading 100-related books, and doing 100-themed crafts such as cheerio necklaces with 100 cheerios each. We ended our day with 100 seconds of silence after playing in the snowy woods. This was a special day, indeed!