Bridges Into a City

With our bridges complete, the next natural step is to construct our own city! Birches 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Graders have divided into teams, each responsible for creating its own neighborhood, including a Marine Nature Center, Resorts, Airport, Mountain and Camps, River and Farm, Zoo and City Park, and Green Power. The end result will be seven 30 x 40 inch foam boards pieced together to represent these neighborhoods. As you can imagine, we have been vigorously brainstorming and negotiating as a class. The children have determined what infrastructure they want in their city. Here is their list:

  • Public Transportation – roads, bridges, sidewalks, bike lanes, buses, subway, airport
  • Electricity
  • Clean Water (pipes bringing fresh water from a reservoir into homes and buildings)
  • Bridges over bodies of water
  • Natural Resources for building – rocks, wood, etc.
  • Telecommunications – fiber optic cables (under the ground)
  • Sewage System – waste removal
  • Landfills
  • Public Works (trash collection, snow removal)
  • Skilled Workforce, including construction workers
  • Investors/Money – Who is paying for the development and building of the city?
  • Government – laws, rules, taxes
  • People/Residents
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Post Office/Fire Department/Police
  • Traffic Lights/Signs
  • Green Power – wind, solar power
  • Plug-in Electric Stations for cars