A Neurologist Visits the K/1 Class!

Last week in K/1, neurologist Dr. Martin Albert led an animated discussion about the brain. We learned how the brain receives, processes, and communicates new information, and we noticed differences between the brains of humans and those of other animals. Dr. Albert shared cross-sections of a real human brain in a plastic case and passed around preserved slices for the students to see and touch (through a plastic bag…). Students were fascinated by how the brain felt -- and also by the strong smell emanating from the ziplock bags. Dr. Albert explained that the brain itself has no odor, but the formalin used to preserve it does smell quite strong. Students had many questions for our visitor, ranging from "Where did you get the brains?" to "Are all doctors as old as you?" to "I think I understand what you're saying about how the brain remembers things, but how does the brain forget things?"  Dr. Albert commented that it can take a cognitive neuroscientist years to be able to answer such an important question.