Poem in My Pocket

On Friday, September 16, we had our first All-School Meeting of the year. Every two weeks, we gather to sing songs, celebrate birthdays, and listen to "shares" written and presented by the students. All classes participate and students share their activities and thoughts with families and friends. Here is a share from a member of the 4/5/6th Grade class: 

"We began a reading workshop unit called “Poem in My Pocket” where we are challenged to recite a poem from memory. We will learn a new poem every week. The poem we studied this week is by William Carlos Williams. It’s called "This is Just to Say." We like how this poem is written in a special way, for example the spaces between the stanzas are a part of how you read and recite the poem. We especially liked the following words in the poem because they help to show the meaning of the poem. 

Listen for these words in the poem: delicioussweet, and cold. We like that this is not a real apology. The words delicioussweet, and cold are how you know it’s not a real apology. We liked learning how to describe/dissect the whole poem. We even wrote our own poems that were about a time when we described a fake apology. For example, like a time when we snuck a piece of Halloween candy even though we weren’t supposed to. We like how the words delicioussweet, and cold and Forgive me can be spoken in a certain way to show the meaning of the poem.”