New Publication Featuring Birches School Students!

Rebecca Rapoport is a Mathematics Specialist at Birches School. Birches students "tested" some of the activities in this wonderful book, which is illustrated with pictures of Birches students at work. Here is further information about the book:

Math Lab for Kids shares more than 50 hands-on activities that make learning about math fun by drawing and building shapes, solving puzzles, and playing games. Everything you need to complete the activities can be found in the book or around your house. 

  • Geometry and Topology—build, draw, and transform shapes. Play with prisms, antiprisms, Platonic solids, Möbius strips, and squeezable, squishable shapes.
  • Maps—color like a mathematician. Discover how to fill in maps with the fewest number of colors possible.
  • Curves and Fractals—stitch, draw, and create. Make curves using only straight lines, and repeat shapes to create fantastic fractals.
  • Tangrams, Toothpick Puzzles, and Nim—play, solve, and win. Learn to play—and discover strategies to solve and win—these time-honored brain teasers and games.
  • Graph Theory—make connections. Explore how points and edges are interconnected by drawing graphs.


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