Rumpelstiltskin--Traditional and Modern Versions!


The sixth and seventh graders wrote their own version of the traditional Rumpelstiltskin story to precede the modern musical version performed by the fourth, fifth, and sixth graders. Here the scheming Rumpelstiltskin offers to "help" the miller's daughter spin straw into gold so that he can claim her first-born child. Look at that amazing spinning wheel. It was made by a sixth grader and her father! Now we move on to the modern musical.


In the modern version, Rumpelstiltskin and his friends refuse to help the young woman spin straw into gold. They say she has to persevere with confidence and learn how to do this seemingly impossible job herself. She must embrace failure along the path and remain steadfast. The rollicking musical ends on a high note as our heroine finally achieves her goal!


And thanks to a Birches grandfather for these wonderful photographs!