Middle Schoolers Visit the Harvard Biology Lab

On January 24th, Birches Middle School students were invited to the Biological Laboratories at Harvard University. While there, students participated in an interactive lecture given by Professor Karine Gibbs and her graduate student Jacob Austerman. The trip was planned as an extension of the essential question we have been exploring in class: How do we identify self from other? In science, students have been focusing on human interaction with microbes and looking at how microbes can be recognized as either friend or foe. The Gibbs Lab works on identifying the signals bacterial cells use to recognize each other, how cells define themselves, and how they communicate their identity and respond to others. Students were particularly interested in the swords that bacteria use to jab into one another! Following the lecture, students crossed the street for a visit to the Harvard Museum of Natural History where they viewed the exhibit, Microbial Life: A Universe on the Edge of Sight.

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