City Planning in the 2/3 Classroom is Ramping Up!

If you look back you might remember what the 2/3 classroom’s city planning looked like in its early stages. Well, the classroom’s commitment and hard work has paid off because their neighborhoods are nearing completion! The final step will be to add trees, green space and of course electricity (stay tuned)! The last couple of weeks have been devoted to construction - using recycled cardboard to build houses, apartments, museums, hospitals, hotels and schools. Each building needed to be designed, measured, constructed and then painted. As part of this project students have also been learning how to write persuasive essays: They are trying to create laws they would like to enact within their city limits.

As an added bonus the 2/3 students had a very special guest - Jim McClutchy! Jim led the construction team on the Birches School building renovation at 100 Bedford Road last year. We are all very thankful to Jim for visiting and of course helping to create the amazing school we reside in today!