How To Make Onigiri!

This past weekend our two co-founders, Cecily and Alexis, taught Birches’ families how to make Japanese onigiri. About once a month the Birches community comes together for a fun event either at our school’s campus or at a family’s home. These events are a great way for parents to connect, learn something new and, of course, get the kids together to play! Now, you might be wondering what is onigiri?

A quintessential Japanese dish, also called omusubi, onigiri are a portable treat that are enjoyed on their own or as part of a bento box lunch. Learning how to make onigiri is simple, can be done by hand, and doesn't require a sushi mat or any other tools. Although fish or vegetable fillings are common, you can also eat these rice balls plain.

The afternoon was spent learning how to make these hand shaped rice balls, experimenting with new and exciting ingredients and enjoying a delicious lunch! A special thank you to our co-founder Alexis for opening up her beautiful home to our community!

Want to learn how to make onigiri? You can of course ask Cecily and Alexis or click HERE for a tutorial from the Epicurious website.