The K/1 Classroom has been exploring Mexico!

Over the course of the year, the K/1 classroom explores three or four unique themes. These themes change from year to year depending on the class makeup and interests. The themes often connect to the natural world in some way and always provide rich content and cross-curricular links to engage children in their studies.

This year the K/1 classroom has studied bears, the solar system, and, most recently, Mexico! The past few weeks have been very exciting as the class studied Mayan ruins, created mythical creatures (alebrijes), learned how to make (and eat) traditional cuisine, learned about immigration, and of course continued with their weekly Spanish lessons. The teachers built a market in the classroom (Mercado de Abedules) which was a wonderful way for the children to practice their math skills as they were buying and selling produce.

This unit allowed for exciting guest speakers. These guests brought in folk art from Oaxaca, shared stories from a recent trip to Mexico City, and taught the students how to make handmade tortillas. The class will now follow the monarch butterfly on its annual migration from Mexico into California for the final unit of the year…stay tuned!