Birches School Celebrates its First Graduate!

The final day of school is always exciting, but this year we had a special person to celebrate…our very first Birches graduate! This young woman was one of the original five students who attended Birches on its opening day in September 2012. This year, on June 14, the school community gathered together to celebrate her achievements, to give her a proper send off as she prepares to enter high school, and to reminisce about the past seven years! It sounds like our graduate is more than prepared for her next adventure! Please read a passage from her speech below:

Leaving, I feel confident that I will continue to be an authentic and genuine

person and I would like to thank Birches for its large contribution to that. I

know I have been prepared to be an independent learner, who has developed

self-reliance. Some probably think high school would be daunting after having

such a personal, idyllic education but I feel excited and prepared.

Graduation Day was extraordinary for many reasons—seeing our first eighth grade student spread her wings, thinking back to when the school only had five students, feeling proud of the 65 students who will join us in the fall. We all ended this day with one feeling in common: We are tremendously excited for the future—the future of our graduate, our current student body, the new students who will join us, and the future of our very special community! Here is another passage from the graduate’s moving speech:

The joy I found in learning in those early years really never stopped. My

middle school years have been the most academically challenging time I have

had at Birches. The initial joy and excitement surrounding academics has

transitioned through middle school into ownership and passion for my

learning. I have become a confident person, taking on these challenges and

becoming someone who is empowered, especially in leadership roles. One

example was this year’s mock trial. It was incredible to see how seriously my

team approached the project. I have positive memories and am motivated

to continue doing debates and trials next year.