Who are Birches students?

  • Birches students have a passion for learning that permeates every aspect of their lives. They are intelligent, curious children whose zest for gaining knowledge about the world around them is matched only by their desire to be good peers, friends and citizens of the world. Birches students often ask questions and would prefer to solve problems in a hands-on manner rather than simply being told the correct answers. They are independent thinkers, but also welcome the guidance that comes from thoughtful teaching.

Who are Birches families?

  • Birches believes that educating the whole child can only be done in close collaboration with parents. Parents are engaged in their child’s school life, both through communication with teachers and staff, and through support of their child's interests at home. Birches is a community of learners: students, teachers, staff, and parents.   

How often are Birches students outside?

  • At least twice a day, all year. Each week, students have playground time, physical education, nature hikes and (weather permitting) occasional reading and writing sessions outside. 

Do you have a Physical Education Program?

  • Yes! In addition to yoga and nature walks, Ian, our physical education teacher, leads team sports instruction, drills and games on the field in Pierce Park.

Can my child participate in town sports?

  • Yes. Birches students (both Lincoln residents and non-residents) can participate in sports and other activities through the Lincoln Recreation Department. Many students participate in Lincoln sports or sports in their own towns.

What about class size? 

  • We have about 15 students in multi-age classrooms with two master teachers per classroom. This is a ratio of students to full time teachers of 8:1. If you add our specialists who teach yoga, music, Spanish and art, our student:teacher ratio is 4:1. Due to our small class sizes, we can meet our students where they are, both academically and socially.

What towns do Birches students come from?

  • Our students come from Lincoln and 12 surrounding communities. We do help facilitate carpooling when possible.

What special area instruction is offered? 

  • We offer yoga, music, Spanish, art, and investigations (covering many topics). These special areas are integrated into our thematic curriculum and students seamlessly transition between special areas and the main classrooms.

Do you offer After School?

  • Yes! We offer an After School Program each day until 5:15pm as well as enrichment electives such as lego robotics and sevillanas dancing.

Do you have more questions?

  • Call us at 781-728-5438. We are always happy to answer questions.