Food Web Exploration

Birches students have been learning about the food web. We’ve been investigating birds these past couple of months and the students have become intrigued by what birds eat as well as what eats birds! 

At the start of the term, we dissected owl pellets.  We saw first-hand what owls consume (and identified those animals from their bones!). We then applied this knowledge to put together the owl’s food chain, and we learned that they are at the top of the web.

Since then, we've extended this idea to include other animals and we have constructed an interactive food web moving animal cards and our bodies (representing animals) around to see how the pieces connect. The kids loved physically constructing the web although many made exclamations like, "My hawk and your weasel are really friends so I won't eat you!" 

To help us apply our new knowledge, our science teacher Katherine created an interactive "Chutes & Ladders" food web game. The kids made their way up the food web learning who eats whom (and who gets eaten). Everyone had a wonderful time playing the game which also included some good counting practice for our younger ones.