Friday Afternoon Questions, Kindergarten-1st Grade Classroom

Every Friday afternoon the K1 teachers email “Friday questions” to all the parents in the K1 classroom. This is just one of the ways parents can peek into their child's classroom, and it can help spark conversations at home. Here are a few question that went home this year:

Friday Questions September 2015

  • What does is mean to "persevere"?
  • Who in our class has chickens at home?
  • What happened to your ice cube during Investigations?
  • Can you name a color in Spanish?
  • What was invented when an engineer (in the 1940's) looked at the tiny hooks on a burr? 
  • What was our burr investigation? Can you remember two things that the burrs stuck to? Why do burrs stick to things? (hint: what's inside the burr?)
  • How many Unifix cubes tall are you?
  • What did we cook on Wednesday? How did the matter (the apples) change from their solid form?
  • What is a delta? (hint: it's the shape of a triangle)
  • What kind of animals did our visitor show us during his presentation on Tuesday? Which was your favorite animal?

Friday Questions October 2015

  • What is a legend? What's one legend you listened to during Read Aloud? 
  • What does "circumference" mean? What did you measure the circumference of? 
  • What is a cattail and where did you find them? 
  • What are hot colors? What are cool colors?
  • What is your Native American name? Why did you pick that name?
  • Who was Squanto? How did he know English?
  • What is a Wampanoag word that you realized you already knew and used a lot? 
  • What song did you sing today in music class? 
  • What symbol are you sewing on your pouch?
  • How do you create a story using symbols?
  • How many pumpkin seeds did we count in the big pumpkin?
  • Can you give an example of an "I statement"?

Friday Questions: November 2015

  • Did your boat float during Investigations? What was it made out of?
  • What math materials did you use to do patterning?
  •  What are some of your ideas for your "Pourquoi" tale?  (How the ____ got its _____) 
  • What's inside an acorn? How do you make acorn flour? 
  • What does it mean to "Read the Room"?
  • What letters did you practice in handwriting this week?
  • First graders, what is one pattern you discovered on the hundred chart? 
  • Can you make an ABB or ABCC pattern using clapping? What others can you make?
  • Which legend story did you pick to write? Who are your characters?
  • What does "te paso bondat" mean when you say it at Morning Meeting
  • How much is 5 bunches of ten and 4 leftover?
  • What did you say you were grateful for on your leaf on the tree?

Friday questions, December 2015

  • What Native American tool are you making in Investigations?
  • Why is it getting darker earlier in the afternoon?
  • What is one difference between a coniferous tree and a deciduous tree?
  • What did Amelia Bloomer do to change the clothes women wear today? Why didn't she want to wear a dress? 
  • What  materials did you use to make a lantern? Why are you making lanterns?
  • How many hours a day does a koala sleep?
  • What unit are we starting in January? 

Friday questions, January 2016

  • Who was Sally Ride? What are a few things she needed to do in her training?
  • Can you name something that flies in the troposphere? What about the stratosphere?
  • What is the name of our classroom rocket ship? What does it look like?
  • What is the International Space Station (ISS)? What happens there?
  • Where did you travel in Spanish class? What did you make?
  • How do astronauts sleep in space? What other things did you learn about the space station this week? 
  • What are drag and thrust? How did you experiment with them during Investigations? 
  • What was the lunar module? 
  • Where did the 3 astronauts land when the returned to Earth from the moon? 
  • What is symmetry? 
  • What is the Reading Challenge you started this week? 
  • How much does a space suit weigh? How did we make our own moon craters? What did you notice?
  • What chemical reaction propelled your rockets in class this week? 
  • Which astronaut stayed in the command module during the Apollo 11 mission? 
  • What books did you read with your reading buddy this week?
  • What does the mirror do to make a telescope work?