Harvesting Potatoes

As members of the First Parish Lincoln garden, we wanted to help with the community plots. After harvesting our own bed of potatoes a week before, we were skilled potato harvesters and were up to the challenge. We set out in the drizzly rain to dig. We had to use our observational skills to find the correct plot, though. We identified the carrots and the onions...not the plot we needed. We found an empty looking bed and decided to dig since that's how our own potato bed had looked. Low and behold...we found HUGE potatoes! The children got busy digging, exclaiming "I found one!" and "Look at the size of this!"

After we collected a few dozen potatoes (see below for exact amounts), we visited our own beds. We saw that our spinach and greens were beginning to pop up. There were many more little leaves sprouting up than the last time we checked. We found lots more radishes that we hadn't seen last week. We harvested the radishes, and also found that our teepee was still producing lots of beans!  And then, as we were hunting for beans, we noticed huge mushrooms growing at the base of the teepee. When we looked around there were more mushrooms growing near the zucchini and the herbs! We definitely didn't plant any mushrooms last spring so we're going to have to explore where they came from another day. All in all, an exciting garden day!



And an important part of our harvests is counting the vegetables we bring in. It's good to know what our garden produces and also to put our math skills to work!

The day after our harvest, one Birches student helped count the potatoes from the community plot. We started counting and realized that it might help to group the potatoes in rows of 5 since we just practiced counting by 5's and 10's earlier in the week--it really helps keep our counting organized to group things together.

We made four rows with five potatoes in each row, plus one extra.

Then we added them up: 5...10...15...20...21!!

21 large potatoes to donate to the community food bank!