Each year, every Birches student participates in a school-wide musical performance under the inspired direction of our Music and Drama Specialist, Laura Bak.

In 2015, the Birches students participated in a rousing production of Tikki Tikki Tembo . This musical play is loosely based on an Asian folktale that explains why Chinese people have short names. After only a month of rehearsals in their separate music classes, all the children came together to rehearse on the auditorium stage. Students and teachers had collaborated on creating props--a well and a tree. Then the children presented a polished production to a packed house of family and friends, speaking and singing with gusto. Some of the students had never been on a stage before, but they rose to the occasion with excitement and professionalism. What a treat for all of us! 

In 2016, our musical will be 13 Colonies in honor of our study of American History. Stay tuned for more details!