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Birches School is searching for an Assistant to the Head of Birches School. This is a 10-15 hour a week position providing support to the Head on secretarial and administrative matters. The Assistant collects and sorts mail, logs and deposits checks, orders supplies and keeps classrooms stocked, acts as a liaison between the Head and the Treasurer, helps with the Annual Appeal, overseas the printing of promotional materials, updates files, and attends to other daily tasks as required. Please send a resume to Cecily Wardell (  Interviews will be held after August 5 when the new Head of School begins his tenure. 


Birches School, a K-8 school offering a nature-based, mindful, interdisciplinary education, is seeking a Technology Teacher for the 2019-2020 school year. This specialist teaching position enables the technology expert to craft original and highly engaging curriculum for mixed grade elementary and middle school classrooms. The Birches Technology Specialist works to develop and build an engineering program for students in 2nd-8th Grade focused on: engineering problem solving and embedded software skills. The hands-on software projects foster engineering skills and best practice, and allow students to apply their skills towards specific goals.  During the academic year, the specialist will train directly with experienced teachers and design and deliver project-driven thematic units that cultivate the academic and social development of students. Specialists are expected to support co-curricular activities (such as tech classes, student presentations, and Explorations Wednesdays) and perform other duties as assigned. Specialists will attend and participate in monthly all-staff meetings and receive professional support and development from peers and administrators.

To apply, please send a single pdf document containing a cover letter and resume to Elizabeth Ten Grotenhuis:


  • Plan and execute technology program for mixed grade groups, 2/3, 4/5, 6, 7/8, respectively

  • Organize weekly class time, teaching Tuesdays each week

  • Select and coordinate activities related to presentation of tech for community

  • Direct and run rehearsals and instructions for tech presentations

  • Select books, instrumentation, and instructional aids related to tech

  • Maintain tech equipment inventory records

  • Manage all tech related equipment

  • Communicate and collaborate with core teachers re: each student’s progress and needs related to tech class

  • Communicate with Birches community about tech-related activities

  • Contribute to each student’s progress report

  • Participate in cohesive curriculum developmental related to integrating our three Thematic Unit Topics into tech curriculum each year, where possible

  • Organize and run related preparation and activities for the Cambridge Science Festival

  • Plan and run Tech Explorations Group: four 6-week mini workshops per year (2nd-8th graders)

  • 1st Wednesday of month, attend monthly staff meetings

  • Teaching schedule: Tuesdays Sept-June

  • Contribute to Self-Study documentation as it relates to tech program