Each Wednesday, from 11am-noon, Birches students in grades 2 and up participate in Explorations. These are 6-week mini-units that cover a large variety of topics. Explorations gives students the opportunity to delve into electives outside of their daily curriculum. They work in small, mixed-age groups, collaborating with peers that have similar interests.  

Some past Explorations have been:

  • Improv
  • Chess
  • Geography
  • Lego Robotics
  • Fairy House Building
  • Soup Making
  • Ceramics
  • Outdoor Math
  • Knitting
  • Running Club
  • Sculpture
  • Healthy Snacks & Smoothies
  • Electricity & Simple Circuits
  • Stop Animation
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Costume & Set Design
  • Printmaking
  • Choir

School meeting Share on explorations
February 11, 2016
WRITTEN AND Presented by students in 2nd - 5th grades

To begin every drama class we do different movements and take a series of deep breaths to help get our body and voices ready to sing. Next, we sing songs and play different games. Some of the games we play include the Elevator Game and Robot Machine. Also, during this time we practice parts of the upcoming Birches School play, The 13 Colonies. This Drama explorations section has been a lot of fun and we all can’t wait to perform the play for the Birches community. 

In printmaking, we have been working to create our own prints by using cork board to cut out our own designs on and glue them on cardboard. We then use the prints to make different designs by covering the prints in ink and then pushing them on onto different colored construction paper. Everyone received their own plexiglass board that we then covered in ink with a roller.  We then drew in the ink with various materials to make our own picture. Lastly, we put rice paper on top of the plexiglass board to get our picture onto the rice paper. This art explorations has been a lot of fun and we look forward to whatever happens next!

In world geography, we have been studying the names continents, countries, and capitals of the world. We start by learning the names of countries found in one continent. When we’re ready, we quiz ourselves by trying to identify the names of all of the countries without making a mistake. Once we have done that we then move on to learning the names of countries of another continent. Recently, we have started to practice our skills through the board game Geo Dice. This game asks us to name as many countries as possible that begin with certain letters. This has been a challenging experience, but we have enjoyed learning about countries from around the world.  

world geography.jpg